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The Fabulous Stroll

The Fabulous Stroll

I am here- a reason enough to be happy. And I am happy in the shoes I am wearing. I love where I am. I love the people around me. I embrace my body. I love myself. It is who I am, and it and I am fabulous exactly as I am. I love something- anything, anyone. Reality is good, tumultuous, exciting , thrilling and exasperating. In all its intensity, life is what you make it.

In the real world, all we’re really guaranteed to have is right here, right now. So why not learn to love our life in this instant, instead of thinking about the future all the time.

*Carpe Diem*

To pee, or not to pee: that's not the question

To pee, or not to pee: that's not the question

Go somewhere with natural beauty- even a quiet garden will do. Give yourself a moment to be in touch with nature, like you were as a child. Take your problems for a walk, a long one. Things seem better after a good walk. Take a pause. Pose for the camera. Add fun to your strolls. See my picture? What you think of me is none of my business. Just laugh at it :-), hahaha!


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Never wear anything that panics my lips. hehe! I'm just goofing around with Sloggi-girls :-)

Never wear anything that panics my lips. hehe! I'm just goofing around with Sloggi-girls 🙂

Sloggi is eminent for plastering underwear clad derrières on billboards throughout Europe. It has some alluring ads that make both men and women want to rush and buy their latest panties and thongs. From tops, Midi briefs, maxi shorts in extremely highest quality-fine cotton & lycra to G-string, whoever is wrapped by these sloggi undergarments will attest ‘it’s got the perfect fit and superb soft stretch comfort which is really snug for everyday wear’. Do I sound like beating the drum for SLOGGI? You tell me, but I just wanna tell you that it is one of my darling lingerie.

Recently, I have purchased some ladies boxer shorts but I’m not so keen on them. They are as pricey as the Sloggi. I love their cute designs, but after wearing them a couple of times, I saw the garment’s true nature. Disappointing. Nice, but not real value for money.

Over the last couple of years, I have been a sloggi fan except for the butterfly hipster and thongs. I am hesitant about wearing thongs. I feel super squeamish about how it feels to have cloth between the cheeks, that it bothers me so much that I am thinking of wrenching it out right away. The maxi sloggi shorts however, give me the feeling of being naughty and flirty. Know what I’m saying?

The certain thing I like about the Sloggi underwear is that, it does not lose-loose its shape over the days, even if you wash and dry it frequently. So, wear sloggi underwear for comfort and confidence from within. And who knows you’ll be spotted to model for their ads or if you get lucky, you may even be able to obtain the title “World’s Most Beautiful Bottom” ;-).

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On a scale of 1 – 10, what do you think the average person would rate their general happiness? And what would you rate yourself?

Asking those questions doesn’t denote that I wanna talk about happiness. But rather I wanna point out the very pretext of unhappiness- Selfishness… the greatest curse of the human raise according to William Gladstone.

Selfishness is devotion to or concern with one’s own advantage or welfare to the exclusion of regard for others. Science and religion both teach selfishness: That the first rule of life is self preservation, which results in “me first” and the creed of materialism. Selfishness results from the original sin of separateness (separation). Selfishness are a primary or sole concern with one’s own welfare. It is the stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others.

1) The human being who lives only for himself finally reaps nothing but unhappiness. Selfishness corrodes. Unselfishness ennobles, satisfies. Don’t put off the joy derivable from doing helpful, kindly things for others.
B. C. Forbes

2) “Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires.”

Th0se two quotes can be used to describe the selfish nature of some humans or to compare to the nature of some particular animals which are known to be selfish. These quotes can also be quoted to motivate people to not always work for their selfish interests but sometimes work for the humanity as a whole as well.

JM: We just have so many different opportunities to reach out. And we think about how we’re not happy, and we don’t have these, we need that, and what we can do to be happy. You hear me say this all the time but I gotta say this again:


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Pressure makes Diamonds, I say.

Pressure makes Diamonds, I say.

We all like to feel we can change the course of our lives. As humans, we have an innate need to feel that we had the power to do things differently. We assume responsibility for all manner of events. But what if amidst the haste, we wilt under pressure?

Due to the current tasks I have put on myself, I am being suffocated by pressure.  At first I didn’t want to admit that I easily get stressed out, but I eventually have learned to face this fact, which is too uncomfortable to accept. Despite what may be overwhelming evidence, it’s still not easy for me to acknowledge the word ‘pressure’ because I don’t want the world to perceive or see me as a person who cannot juggle several balls in the air nor cope with reality. Everywhere I go, pressure follows me, but I know it’s my own choice whether to let pressure squeeze me out or I rule over it. Who doesn’t wanna do the latter anyway?

As of now, I am seeking some kind of emotional solace. With that as an aim, I have to constantly remind myself that I have to respond to this pressure in a way that I could find strength and freedom. There’s no denying that we live in a stressful world, however, if I always have to respond with apprehension, cringing in fear, then I’ll get totally eaten up and will not be able to pull things off. Now, to reframe these pressures that are surrounding me, I have to get a grip of my belief that thingamajigs are continually getting better. I simply wanna create something beautiful in life. And since I expect things to improve, thinking positive is a very powerful catalyst for turning things around (It’s easier said than done huh). Sometimes seeing myself in the third person, I look so funny once I get panicky. Yet, I am very thankful for the people who know me quite well and who are just there to remind me to calm down. She said, he said “Take it easy”; he said, she said “Can you just be more positive…” These sound excruciating to me but I’ve got to crunch them.

Okay, let me think of a single positive side of pressure or stress… Well, I lost weight and have come down to 48 kgs. One-dimensional, but this is what allowed me to honestly say, “I FEEL GREAT :-)! wearing a pair of Levi’s slim fit jeans with a flaunt of 25-inch waistline.

To wrap up, nobody is immune from pressure and stress and it’s true that usually they just come and they go. The thing is, there’s really no need to walk around feeling a bit strung out and overstretched, especially when you have a busy day planned.

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