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Kitties are notorious for being able to find their sanctuaries when they need to be alone or to catnap. Just like my cat, I find him everywhere in the flat (on top of cabinets, under the bed, closets, boxes, he thinks he owns the whole place. Sometimes I find that annoying but what can I do? He’s a cat, he dominates, he does whatever pleases him, and he snores or makes strange sounds whenever he’s asleep. He attempted to get into my wardrobe many times, but it’s a big ‘no no’. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a gay-cat and just wanna hang out in there and try my dresses on…

Hidden between the clothes, who is that?

I need my space. Please leave me alone for a while.

I said 'Leave me alone!' Meowgrooowwwl!!!

Sweet cat! Okay, Okay. I will leave you alone.


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When all of your hard work is appreciated and you get a round of applause,
all you have to do is to say “THANK YOU” as you go red in the face.
This slice of my life is called ‘FULFILL(mo)MENT.’
– May 20, 2010 (Result!)

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“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” ~Socrates

All my life I have been a student at the University of Life. I got exceptional grades in Math subjects but appallingly, until now I really don’t know how figures of percentage work! Despite my sheepishness, I obtained the “Best Debater” title, but this did not make me a politician like Obama. Getting A’s in philosophy did not bring out the Socrates in me either. So why then I endured and still enduring the demands of schools, professors and myself? Because I knew nothing, and that I still believe that education brainwashes me in a positive way. This credence in some measure offers us a substantial knowledge and wisdom in life, you agree or not. Education, either acquired mainly from books or experiences, has opened my eyes to the fact that I know nothing; hence I defied ignorance and orders from those who uttered “You can’t do that!”

Whatever learning I hold now did not come from my B.A. in English or any other language degrees. My emergence came from the tribulations and challenges that I have willingly and reluctantly faced in life. You can quote me on this: “Wisdom emerges from stupidity”. My stupid mistakes and laughable opinions stirred my desire for knowledge and steered me to collect wisdom. Though I don’t consider myself wise, I value the wisdom I have learned from people whom I have high regard for and with the character traits that I admire.

I know that I know nothing that’s why I spend hours at the library to dig knowledge; I take time to work  in a sublime fashion and passion to learn skills I do not have, and I find ways to travel to expand my horizons. I know that I know nothing therefore I endeavor to learn whatever it is I ought to absorb. My desire for wisdom is beyond my own comprehension. Reading books will not satisfy that desire, but at best, perhaps it can lead me to fulfilling at least one goal… to seek not to know the answers, but to understand my theories and conjectures.

Page by page, will this change you into a sage?

Let me learn, let me learn.

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