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(January 2011)

I love taking down my thoughts, negative or positive. Last night while I was clearing up a stack of journal notebooks, I stumbled upon this 6-year-old notebook named “Note Book”. How many times have I attempted to burn it to welcome another year, another chapter of my existence? Myriad times… Today though, I held a mini bonfire to mark the end of this jotter. But before I did it, I have plucked twenty simple-introspective liners from it that still serve as my constant reminders.

1. Enjoy whatever you do.

2. Sound in mind, sound in body. Stay healthy.

3. Practice random kindness. Extend help, without any hope of being reimbursed.

4. Learn to be excited even though there’s nothing exciting in your environment.

5. Do not let your past control your future.

6. If you have anything against anyone, forgive him/ her. Let it drop. Leave it. Let it go.

7. It is best to wait for the one you want than settle for the one that’s available.

8. Dwell not on what you don’t have.

9. Find something that’s right and concentrate.

10. Your will is stronger than your mind and feelings.

11. Maintain the teachable spirit. Keep a humble attitude. No air up there.

12. Fret or obsess not about something in the future.

13. Don’t let your attitude lose altitude. Act with an attitude of gratitude.

14. Spend time with your sunniest pals. Don’t surround yourself with a glass-half-empty crew. But be one if you want change and progress.

15. Choose to have a fantastic day!

16. Take time to examine yourself.

17. Learn to give up something to get what you want.

18. Do whatever is right even though nobody is watching you.

19. Be afraid not to talk about your weaknesses to others. Nobody’s perfect.

20. Enjoy while you are changing into a better person.


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