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Is there anyone out there who can explain the thing of sensing pain or death, a parapsychologist or a psychic? I know it sounds creepy, but it happens to me. Since I was young, I have been experiencing this wherever I go. I wouldn’t call it a “gift” because I’m not convinced that I have some kind of paranormal ability. I am just an ordinary person who’s in existence with normal human beings.

I have encountered seeing people or be in contact with them before their death. Am I one of the forces of Hades? I  hope not… I have told this to my mother, but she said nothing about it except telling me that I should pray for these people’s souls.

I recall when I was 8 or 9, I saw one of my grandfather’s tenants before her death. I was on the bus on my way home and  I saw the lady tenant. It was in the city I least expected seeing her. I was wondering what she was doing there. After a day, I had learned that she died in childbirth but the baby survived. The incident didn’t really matter to me (I was young to dig into it) but it’s one of the childhood memories that linger in my mind.

The death of my high school classmate was another incident that I still remember of sensing other’s death. Before she was taken, she was gagging with me, pinching my arms while bursting into laughter. She was so caught up in squeezing my untoned arms that she didn’t notice that I was sensing something hair-raising. I didn’t see any sign that she’d die, I felt it though. The next day, the news of her death broke out. We were hit like a ton of bricks. It was just some few days before our graduation day.

In like manner, I also made a contact with one of my university professors before he kicked the bucket. He was an extremely nice guy. He used to be my aunt’s neighbor, and even though my aunt and her family moved out of the neighborhood, they remained friends and still visited each other once in a while. The professor’s nieces were my cousin’s best playmates. I knew because I stayed with my aunt for a few years. The professor would pick his nieces at our place after work. Until one night at exactly midnight, the phone rang. It was him on the other line. I couldn’t remember all the words he said but he was saying that I should take care of his nieces.  Then, he hung up on me. I was petrified by the eerie call… How could he ring at this hour when he can do it tomorrow? Sometimes, tomorrow never comes, indeed. The very next day, the news spread like wildfire round in the campus- his death. Shocked as I was, I tried to flashback what he said over the phone. I couldn’t believe he’s dead. He simply died in his sleep.

How about my grandfather’s death? Did I sense it? No doubt, yes. I went to church yesterday. While waiting for the mass to begin, I was going over the Psalm book; I was alone on that pew. And then suddenly I felt something or someone just sat next to me. I tried to ignore it, but I felt that there was a man sitting beside me. In my mind was an image “It’s a man- an old man. Who are you? Who is it?” Before long, I felt someone (a ghost?) touched me and rushed past me. And it was ice-cold. I disregarded this encounter on purpose, tearfully thinking that death would occur. However, I know me, I become restless and have vivid nightmares whenever somebody dies or something dreadful happens. My gut instincts were telling me it was my grandfather. It couldn’t be, I wanted to see my grandfather one more time  before he would rest in peace. When I called my brother, he let it slip “Have you heard about grandpa yet? He’s dead.” So I immediately rang my mother and told me what happened. (Right now, I am morning my grandfather’s death…)

These are just SOME of the before-death- circumstances or premonitions that I have chanced upon. There’s a lot more… Gratefully, I am not able to sense death with everyone, or else I would have gone mad by now.

I don’t know how the human brain works scientifically when it comes to sensing death, for all that, I am just hoping that I’d be able to understand this stuff better, rather than wandering around wondering what this phenomenon is all about???  Is it because I have had a near death experience before, and had seen Death while struggling to fight for my life when I was awfully ill?

Weird, creepy, spooky. I hope all these mean nothing at all.


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