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One day, I was looking for the kitty that hardly meows, but I just couldn’t find him. We don’t live in a capacious mansion and playing hide and seek is that easy. Is he in the mood for hide and seek or pssst-a-boo again? Not in daytime, dear. Just when I sat down to turn on the laptop on the table, there he was, lying there in his new-found sanctuary! And how on earth did he get there? Truly, this cat doesn’t have to be put on a pedestal – he puts himself there. Besides, I think he believes that he’s a Supercat or a part spider.

Take a look overhead. Hey, there! There goes the Spidercat.

Well, he has the ability to stick to walls, he can jump from point A to B, horizontally and vertically, he can’t spin a web but can catch flies, and his quick-wittedness can never be doubted. He has a spider-sense too, having the ability to smell out danger. Perhaps, it all started when he caught his first prey through his sharp claws- the spider. After swallowing it, he absorbed the power of the poor spider and now he physically overpowers his preys, just the bugs, he has never caught huge ones yet.

Affirmative, I am the Spidercat ;-).


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