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europe partial map

(By the time you read this, I’ll be on the flight. Hurray!)

It is Europe’s largest city, spanning more than six hundred and twenty square miles from its heart on the River Thames. It is Europe’s most diverse metropolises: there are around two hundred languages spoken within its confines, and more than thirty percent of the population is made up of first, second and third generation immigrants.

This city boasts four World Heritage Sites, 238 attractions that are free to enter (so there’s nowhere else in the world where you can see so much for so little).

As everybody attests, it is one of the finest capital cities to be found anywhere. I could say therefore, that one will have absolutely no chance of getting disappointed when he or she comes to visit the city.

I’m so excited to go around this city. It’s gonna be a great adventure and I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it. Mik-mik, get ready to rock the city! Be sure to connect the dots from A to B on the map ;-).


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Every time I get messages from folks and friends, I am always asked-
“How do you get out of a rut?” You seem like a happy-go-lucky person, who never cares about problems.” Who on earth doesn’t have any problems? Only the dead, I guess.

To answer the question, I’m living a calm but unusually fast paced life. And it seems to me that I’m always chasing after the golden time. It’s exhausting but I’m lovin’ it (like the way I love McDonalds ;-)).

Whenever I feel the calmness is bothering me, ironically speaking, I get out and mix things up! Of course some, if not everybody, wants to have a delightfully calm lifestyle, but it turns out that’s not exactly what I wanted, after all. A growing part of me is always longing for some adventure, some conflict, some drama (but not the cry-baby drama)… something I can really sink my teeth into. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds weird but I’m sober. It’s just that, for me, a calm life is dangerously close to a boring life. So, what do I normally do to make my existence more interesting? I mix my regular routine up and get together with some fresh faces by talking to strangers, let’s say on the train, library, malls or anywhere I can find somebody to bug, (chuckles). What’s more, to increase chances for excitement, I change my surroundings by simply going to a place I’ve never been to; may it be trekking cities by train until I get lost. Planning a travel, taking a lift on the elevator from the basement to the rooftop or even a trip to the park or forest could yield some fun. There’s a lot to say on behalf of living a very structured and ordered life, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go a little “haywire” every once in awhile.

Learn how to get out of a rut and enjoy life! There are several different methods you can employ to achieve gettin out of a rut.

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