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Year 2006, I was offered an administrative job in Dubai. The employer elaborated that the supervisory position had tough demands as I’d be tasked with overseeing one or more employees and traveling just to attend meetings. But before they could fill me in, the employer entailed that I should study the Arabic language first. To make this short, I didn’t pursue the job, despite the high starting salary. No regrets though.

Anyway, the topic here is not about the job. It’s about the ATLANTIS resort on the Palm Jumeirah island in Dubai. If I went in for the job, I could have witnessed the breath- taking opening of this five star hotel. The resort was completed on the 21st of September 2008.

The Atlantis Resort on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE

The Atlantis Resort on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE

Each of the 1,539 guestrooms and suites in the Royal Towers feature private balconies and views over the Gulf or The Palm Jumeirah. The $1.5 billion Atlantis Hotel costs $25,000 a night and boasts suites that feature floor-to-ceiling views of Dubai. For more info, visit the official site: ATLANTIS, The Palm.

Water adventures, salt and fresh water attractions and an open-air marine habitat are the focal point of the resort for both guests and visitors.

Some of the VIP guests who attended the event include Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson, Charlize Theron, Sir Richard Branson, Mischa Barton and Lindsey Lohan. Kylie Minogue has also performed her debut concert. The event included a light display that was illuminated onto the hotel and a total of 100,000 fireworks, around 7 times the amount that were used for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which only lasted around 15 minutes.

The video below is the incredible footage of grand opening of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai. It shows the entire Palm Jumeirah lit up by fireworks at the climax of the evening.

Someday, in God’s will, I hope to experience the five star ambiance of the ATLANTIS hotel-resort and take a boat around the Palm Jumeirah.


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