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I was rushing my butt to reach the bank nearby to make some transactions before the closing time. On the way, I saw a lady who fell off her bike in front of a hair salon. I stopped. I had two choices from that very moment:  to give her a hand or to ignore her and carry out my errand. I wanted to help but I was on the other side of the road. I didn’t mind crossing against the red lights, however the cars were on the go, it was rush hour. And if I had to rush I might have created another commotion aside from that lady’s snag accident. Besides, there was already this guy comforting her. That was her boyfriend I supposed, but the guy left her and he didn’t even help her to get off the ground.

Anyway, the lady tried to gather herself back onto the bike. When I got the chance to cut across the road while the cars were snailing down, I approached the lady at once and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her out. Tearfully she said she was fine. But later on she confessed that her genital zone was hurt. “Can you still ride?” I queried. “Yes I can but I think there is something wrong with my bike.” So I quick-examined the bike, moved it forward and back just to see if it was functioning very well. I twisted the front wheel and tried unraveling the brake cables. Eventually, I got her bike fixed and she made an effort to pedal on. Before she left, she spilled something to me “I had a bad day at work that’s why I left early… and then this bike mishap… It was a shitty day. Thanks for your help!”

I could have answered her “Well, shit happens sometimes, dear.” But I just simply said “No problem.” And off she went.


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