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Recap of the Last Week


At work. Had a simple talk with the boss. Appreciated it.


When I checked my emails early today, I got a comment message from RV. (Hey big bro, how’s Saudi? I so missed your company.) I didn’t have any clue what the message might be about. So I logged in to that site and saw his birthday greetings. He said he wanted to be the very first one to greet me a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. I was touched, but I hahaha-ed. Is it my birthday yet? Thanks for reminding, bro. But right now, I have to come to grips with my research papers. Piles of books on the table. Finished work to be submitted on my natal day.

At noon, I went to the spa. Before I left home I did some swift plucking on my eyebrows. If the facialist would notice those unwanted hair on my face, she might probably tell me to have them honeycombed.  That won’t be necessary though, and I will not allow her  to talk me into doing it. No thanks. Thus, I tried to pluck out every misplaced hair growing below my eyebrows. Looking at my eye crowns with  naked eyes, I thought my face looked polished. But when I rolled the curtains to make the flat brighter, scratch that! Cute little mustaches have grown on my upper lip. Straightaway, I grabbed a shaver and mowed my face. Afterwards, I headed down to the spa clinic.

I felt so invigorated after getting my facial. The facialist was great.


At work. Toiled big time

After the 8-4 grind, dragged my trolley to the train station to meet up with study- group mates in the city.  Thoroughly, we discussed about the individual research paper. Until now, the task we ought to do is still blurry.


Library. Borrowed books that are needed for the papers.

Meet up with group mates, again.

Wanted to start my article but I needed a “nerve tonic” to do so.


Knuckled myself down to work, assiduously.

BIRTHDAY. That’s in few days. Plotted to throw a big blasty party but resolved to make it a solemn one. Planned to go for a trip to Iceland or Greenland but can’t do a faraway flight. Planned other activities in lieu of party but little did I know that we’ll have a horrid exam on my red- letter day, which means I have to do loads of swotting. Can’t I just get exempted? Bang, NO. I am not considering a party after the exam either, but I will definitely kick back, relax and CARPE DIEM.

BIRTHDAY WISHES: My folks asked me, “What do you want  on your birthday?” As I always say, “Don’t make a fuss about gifts.” Each time I’m asked “any birthday wishes? Do you want this and that?”. I come back with my platitude “Nothing.” An iPhone? (got one already ;-)). Besides, I have already gotten a grand birthday gift last summer- one of the greatest gifts that a celebrant could ever receive. Thanks to Regal Hill.

Wish list: I just want something substantial this year. Practically, gifts are fine, but I’d rather wish the things I haven’t done or accomplish yet in my life. Receiving messages from friends and families would immensely make my day. A card in the mail is always nice, but I never expect anything. For me, giving gifts has become overrated to some extent. However, I love giving gifts to my close friends and family on their birthdays.


I’ve got to plug away at my paper work.

Wish me a super fabulous, full of laughter birthday!

Signing off.


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