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Kitties are notorious for being able to find their sanctuaries when they need to be alone or to catnap. Just like my cat, I find him everywhere in the flat (on top of cabinets, under the bed, closets, boxes, he thinks he owns the whole place. Sometimes I find that annoying but what can I do? He’s a cat, he dominates, he does whatever pleases him, and he snores or makes strange sounds whenever he’s asleep. He attempted to get into my wardrobe many times, but it’s a big ‘no no’. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a gay-cat and just wanna hang out in there and try my dresses on…

Hidden between the clothes, who is that?

I need my space. Please leave me alone for a while.

I said 'Leave me alone!' Meowgrooowwwl!!!

Sweet cat! Okay, Okay. I will leave you alone.


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