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You receive a letter and you find out that you passed the exam. But the result is not really satisfying. You blame yourself because you didn’t do your best or you might probably have done your best but you didn’t really put so much effort into getting the aimed or say your ‘wished’ score before the exam. Knocking your head once again.


Welcome, Disappointment! You just add salt to my life to make it more appetizing 🙂

The feeling is so excruciating, arrrgggghhh. Well, you can sit in a room blowing up black balloons while others don’t even care or know what’s going on with you, or you can get off your butt and start the step by step process of getting over it and moving on.

Okay, you get to wallow – for a short while. You get to be down for about a week or days. It stings but the feeling of disappointment shall pass.

Values that can be learned from this disappointment? You learn what doesn’t work and take it as an opportunity to try a new approach. And remember, ‘no expectations, no disappointments’.

By the way, the test isn’t over yet. Do something about it, will yah?


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