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Sometimes it’s not ‘how’ we meet a person that could measure a deep sense of friendship, it’s how we nurture the friendship that matters. Time serves a great factor in doing such and it’s a mutual thing that we can give each other. You know, like simple hi’s and hello’s or simple comments on photos and updates.

Today, I am feeling a bit under the weather despite the beautiful sunny day, but this is a lame excuse for me not to greet a dear friend on her special day. I have undertaken on this page to extend my greetings and to share with you a bit about her.

It all started when I was on my quest to finding old friends and classmates. When I saw her name, I thought it was her – she got the same name as my high school classmate. I asked for an apology for the bother, but from that moment she has become a part of my existence. Whenever she would spill something about her personal life through e-chats, I have developed a friendship with her. I thought it was nice of her to share her moments with a complete stranger like me.

She is an unassuming woman, but when you hear her hit the microphone, you will surely interject “Girl, you rock!” I can’t remember her posting a video where she is singing or gigging, her band-mate (I guess) did though. She said it was supposed to be her secret. Sorry dear, one of your secrets have been revealed and I am glad to have seen it. You’ve got the talent and talents should be shared, right?

She never fails to care. Last year when I decided to cut my wire from going online to wrestle with reality’s demands, she was one of those souls that tried to penetrate through my invisible door. By simply asking if I was okay, she had closed the deal- she signified that if you can’t feel or see the existence of somebody that you care about, nudging her/him is just the simplest shot to show your concern. “Hey, where on earth are you? Are you still alive? You matter to me.” – These words might be reiterated unpremeditatedly, but they would reverberate throughout somebody’s life.

She is a great mother. Seeing how adorable and happy those two kids are would make you wanna ask “Kids, who is your mommy?”.

Dear L, I may not have greeted you on your birthday, but you should know that your special day has never been forgotten. Posting a one-liner greeting on your Facebook Wall would be the easiest and fastest track to greet you. You might find this post extremely corny, but it’s just my way of showing how special you are. My birthday gift for you is a whole lotta thought of love. I hope you had celebrated your natal day, wonderfully.

To you my Lovely- Electrifying- Amiable friend, 誕生日おめでと! Merry Birthday!

(I hope that’s the precise translation of it ;-).)

However you define happiness, may you and your family always find bliss in every simple thing you do together.


Best Wishes, my dear LEA!


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