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Since last week, I’ve been whining about the pain in my left leg and thigh. Having been to the hospital with all the scans/x-ray, I fret that there’s something wrong with my leg. Only the jogging, as far as I remember, could cause the pain. I can walk but with a limp and with the pain. And not to be exaggerated, the pain is like the instigated fury of Nazi Hitler, mercilessly piercing my nerves. The painkiller’s effect that the doctor prescribed could only slog for few hours. Sleepless nights smudged me with raccoonic eyes. When I went to my own doctor the next day, she gave me an alternative medicament. She said that the pills she recommended were much better and ‘harsher’ than the ones they prescribed in the hospital. Surely, the medicine was far much nerve-hitting that I even got overdosed!

Upshotly, I missed my classes and stayed home and calling in sick to work was another disaster. On top of that, I’ve already bought ticket to Germany (got to use it on Friday). I just pray that nothing’s gonna stand in my way.

Forget about the aching leg, essentially, the trip would mean meeting friends halfway. Silke, my German classmate turned friend, has been looking forward to see me again. Aside from the stuff that I’ve prepared for the trip, here’s a very short German crash course that I browsed through. It’s actually equipped by Hitler, kiddingly 😉

If you wanna learn more on pronunciation, click this link: german phrases


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