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Let me ask you a question, are you perhaps wondering, “what in the world is God doing in my life right now?” Have you ever wondered that? You are not alone. We all feel like that from time to time.

Hope you’ll also learn from this story. I really dunno who the author is of this work but I first heard this story shared by a famous minister at one of her conferences. This is supposed to be a review but it’s worth blogging anyway and I wanted to share it with all of you.

There was a couple who loved to visit England and shop in the beautiful stores. They both liked antiques and pottery, especially tea cups. One day in a tiny shop they saw an exquisite tea cup. “Oh! May we look at that one?” they asked. “We’ve never seen one quite so beautiful.” As the lady handed it to them, suddenly the tea cup spoke: “I haven’t always been a tea cup, you know. There was a time when I was raw, ugly clay. But my master picked me up, molded me and squeezed me over and over until I cried out, ‘Let me alone!’ But he only smiled,   ‘Not yet.’

“Then he placed me on a wheel,” the tea cup continued,” and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. ‘Stop it! I’m getting dizzy!’ I screamed. But the master said, ‘Not yet.’

“Next he put me in the oven. I never imagined such heat. I wondered why he wanted to incinerate me, and I yelled and knocked at the door. I could see him through the window and I could read his lips as He shook his head, ‘Not yet.’

“Finally the door opened. He took me out of the oven and put me on the shelf to cool. ‘There, that’s better,’ I breathed.

“But my relief didn’t last very long, because the next thing I knew, he was brushing me and painting me all over. The fumes were horrible. I thought I would gag.

‘Stop it, stop it!’ I begged. He only nodded, ‘Not yet.’

“Then suddenly he put me back into the oven, but this was much worse than the first time. This time the oven was twice as hot and I knew that I would suffocate. I begged. I pleaded. I screamed. I cried. All the time I could see him through the opening shaking his head saying, ‘Not yet.’

“Then I realized there was no hope. I would never make it. I was ready to give up.”

“At that moment, the door finally opened and he took me out and set me gently back on the shelf. Then, an hour later he handed me a mirror and said, ‘Now look at yourself.’

“Curiously I peered into the mirror–and gasped at my reflection, “That’s not me!” I exclaimed, “It can’t be me! It’s beautiful!”

‘I want you to understand,’ he said, ‘that I know how much it hurts to be molded and shaped, but if I had stopped, you would have dried into an ugly lump of clay. I know that it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumpled. I know that it hurt and was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn’t put you there, you would have had no strength. I know that the fumes were terrible when I brushed and painted you, but if I hadn’t done that, you would have never reached your potential, nor would you have developed your own beautiful character. And if I hadn’t put you back into the oven the second time, you would have eventually leaked and your color would have faded away. But now you are a strong, beautiful teacup fit for use at the finest table.’

“You are now what I had in mind when I first formed you.”

Perhaps, like this tea cup, you feel like an old, hard, cold lump of clay. Perhaps you feel you are on a wheel that has gone round and round and round, and you have gotten dizzy and sick to your stomach from the circumstances that seem to surround you. Perhaps you feel like you are in that oven, that the door has closed and you cannot stand the heat any longer. Perhaps you have been set aside, put up on the shelf, waiting, and no one knows you are there. Perhaps you feel that you have been put back into the furnace and the heat has been revved up seven times hotter. You are being purified, tested and tried. God may be choosing you for higher ministry in the furnace of affliction.

“Don’t run away from your ugly or difficult circumstances because later on you’re gonna appreciate those circumstances. We don’t change in easy times, we change in hard times.”


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