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Lately I’ve been feeling a bit different due to some obscure thoughts. The feeling of helplessness made me feel like I’m struggling to get out of the quicksand. I asked myself, ‘Why am I feeling this way?’ It’s because I’m brimming with goals and dreams. My expectations towards myself are just too high that I get disappointed when I don’t get things my way.

There’s also this voice that keeps scolding me and echoing within me, ‘Yeah, you have your goals, but are you helping yourself to bring them to fruition?’ This self- conversation didn’t stop until I took in the fact that I’m not really doing my best to actualize my goals. I seem and sound to be wise when I write or talk about ‘Ways to Fulfill Your Goals’ but didn’t I realize I was actually talking about myself?

I’ve got to try to take some time to determine what my true goals and priorities really are. Then I have to be ready to give them everything I’ve got. I just need to remind myself to keep my goals very clear and never let myself be deterred by any opposition right now. I’ve been licking the lollipop of mediocrity for too long and it is no longer excellent to my taste bud or to my eyes. Enough is enough. It’s time for me to fuel up.

Mediocrity sucks

Mediocrity sucks


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