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C'mon Cinnamon!

C'mon Cinnamon!

Most of us perhaps have asked our parents about the meaning or origin of our names. Some of us are named after our parents’ favorite celebrities, famous or great people in the history, after our grandfather or grandmother, the blending of our father’s-mother’s names, etc. But still most people have a fuzzy idea what their own names mean. Why? Because some parents just name their children for the sake of ‘namesake’.

I was having a conversation with two of my former classmates (Randy and Julia) the other day when Randy said “Please do me a favor…just call me ‘R’. I never liked my name.” Julia snaply said “I don’t like my name either.”

RANDY: Well, in England when somebody calls you ‘randy’, you are regarded as ‘sexually aroused or horny’ human being. Can you imagine being laughed at when you introduce yourself with that name? My parents just picked a name that they like and stuck me with it. They didn’t even bother to look it up in a dictionary. Oh how I wish they had consulted just one dictionary, any dictionary. But no!

My casual remark… You were just a babe in arms. How could they consult you if you couldn’t even say ‘mama’?

JULIA: I hate my name, even as a little kid. My parents could’ve at least named me “Julie.” They even have to phonate it ‘Jul-yah’. It sounds dull and stuffy.

My casual remark… Consider yourself lucky for not having the surname “Gulia”. Try greeting somebody- “Hi! I’m Julia Gulia.” This actually reminds me of the Wedding Singer (Drew Barrymore kept parroting “Hi! I’m Julia Gulia… Hi! My name is Julia Gulia.”)

With all these name nitpickings, I encourage every parent to check the meaning of your favorite name in several languages before inflicting that on your child. You don’t wanna be nagged by your kids while they grumble “What were my parents thinking when they named me?”

You don’t need to take up onomastics to learn the different etymologies of names. I’ve learned a thousand of names and their meanings from Mike Campbell’s names database at Behindthename.com. Search for your name!


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