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Windy- pouring- cold Friday afternoon, I hit the road for the party. The train dawdled; I wouldn’t get there in time. Such weather didn’t allow me to wear shoes. Thus, the rubber slippers made them ideal for wearing while walking under the rain. My umbrella had no use since the rain moved in different directions. Holding the umbrella, I struggled against the wind, running and I must say “This is a perfect weather for the 2009 SUMMER fest.”

When I finally got to the venue, everybody was rubbernecking at my unpleasantly wet feet. So I thoroughly dry them at once and put on the LV shoes. I was just on time for the ‘warm- up’ drink before setting off to the party hall. My colleagues were in high spirits to see me after a month- long vacay. It was exciting to see them all again.

The Party:

First course meal:  Salmon with greenies

Entertainment:  The Stand- up comedians- in their purple costumes

The Purplic Duo with the wannabe comedian

The Purplic Duo with the wannabe comedian

She also entertains the plants at the party :-)

She also entertains the plants at the party 🙂

Chow:  Buffet- your taste, your pick

Dessert:  Almond Cake

Booze:  Vodka, Cognac, Beer, Red and White wine, etc.

Party High Spots:

Chats with comrades

No to colas but yes to booze

Photo ops

Dance- like no one is watching. They bang, she bangs, he bangs, we bang! The dance enthusiasts were all out. So was I. The band was awesome- they made us want to dance even more. Kicked off our shoes and bopped on the floor.

Dancin' Barefoot

Dancin' Barefoot

Most of time spent at the bash was dancing and drifting around.



Big boys don't gossip ;-)

Big boys don't gossip 😉

Not so tipsy (^.^)

Not so tipsy (^.^)

Had such a great time! Really cool people, cozy dance floor and amusing comedians.

Before the party ended, I and a colleague made our quiet exit. The rain gave up a bit when we walked to the train station. Unfortunately, we missed the last train. No option but to take a taxi. While my colleague was waiting for her hubby to pick her up, I was obliviously passing out on the bench. Good thing I didn’t get mugged, otherwise I might have lost my Gucci and LV stuff. Oh my geeezzz! For the first time this year, I got tanked up! As I was about to lose my consciousness, I felt my colleague shaking me “Hey, wake up. Your taxi is here.” I tried to get to my feet with my eyes padlocked and wobbly loaded my body into the taxi. The taxi driver interrogated “Is everything all right?” I alerted my senses, maintained my composure, acted sober and responded “Yes, I’m fine.”  I pretended to look like a teetotaler for I was scared that he might do something crazy. My speech bubble spoke— Oh no no no. ‘Oh Lord, won’t you show me his halo? Turn him into an almost two winged angel.’ But in situation like this, there’s only one sure-fire way to appear sober- tell your address and keep your eyes wide open to show that you’re still up and about.

But no matter how sober you find you can act, if you’ve had too much alcohol, you just can’t hide it. The taxi driver of course wasn’t blind and stupid. He knew that I was three sheets to the wind. It was written all over my face. On the way, he asked me if I should pay with a card or cash. I said, ‘Visa card’. He subtly demanded me to hand him in my card before reaching home. However, as I dug my card out of my bag, I could feel the C2H5OH a.k.a. intoxicating alcohol streaming through my throat. I subsequently puked into the plastic bag with my slippers in it. Ewww, GROSS. Thank God I had that plastic with me, if not, I could have been charged with vomiting. “Barf in the taxi… you pay!”

After the throwing up stint, as requested, I handed him my Visa card. As soon as I’d paid,  I apologized “I’m really sorry”, then I got off the cab. He didn’t say anything, instead, he pulled over at the roadside and opened all the car doors to take the ‘barf smell’ out of the cab. He wasn’t amused for sure and who would be?

(An angel was phoned to rescue me, THANK YOU.)

Headache, hangover, stiff neck and all intoxicating effects of the alcohol hardly lullabied me. The next day, I was still vomiting the different drinks out of my fibers. And my soles looked grimy with calluses and slightly battered caused by repeated friction on the dance floor.

Lesson Learned: Always drink responsibly and in moderation to avoid negative consequences? Nah, how about ‘When partying, bring with you an in case barfbag‘ I did drink responsibly, didn’t I? (can’t recall how much I glugged though, haha!). Just let me justify, maybe my body is no longer into booze.


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As Christmas fast approaches, the notorious office or company party is getting into full swing. For some, it’s a time to enjoy a drink, a dance and a bit of networking. It’s also time to have fun, meet up with workmates and laugh the stress, chat and find out more about each other, sing and dance.

We had our Christmas party last Friday. There were a thousand of employees (no outsiders allowed) expected to join but only 300 something showed up. Nevertheless, the party was a real blast. With everyone smartly dressed up, it set the mood even more for an elegant party. Oh, being observed entering the hall was flattering too; I owe that to my pink dress;-) Despite the conventional ambiance, I and all the ladies at the party showed that we know how let our hair down. I had a good laugh with my colleagues and bosses, had a good time on the dance floor, and enjoyed taking photos as I was tasked with photographing. And good news, I didn’t get drunk!

I’ve behaved myself. I already embarrassed myself at the company party last year by gulping a half glass of white wine (47% volume). It was a stupid mistake though; I was profusely sweating after grooving and dancing along the band’s music that I got terribly thirsty. And so I drank the ‘what I thought water’. The next thing I knew, I was barfing and passed out (a grim scenario). Whatta hangover the following day! Stayed in bed the weekend. Going back to work on Monday was easy though because I always clutch the party motto that goes “what happens at the company Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party.” That’s what I thought… I became the center of tease but I kept my cool. I simply explained that it was a cracked mistake and I didn’t plan to get intoxicated that early, period.

Unlike last year, the company party of this year was a trim. I just had two slugs of Bailey and wine. I attempted to drink more but being with my clique was a grace. We actually made pact not to get drunk. And what about the empty tequila glasses?

Stay cool, no heavy alcohol, have a ball!

Stay cool, no heavy alcohol, have a ball!

We just put the ball decors into the glasses and artistically and with etiquette, I formed a hearty- kitty design out of sweet cherry sauce using a bread and butter knife.

cherry saucy- hearty kitty

cherry saucy- hearty kitty

While the others were busy chatting and having glugs of spirits, my circle was busy amusing ourselves.



By 9pm the big boss introduced the live band and those who had itchy feet started bopping on the dance floor. With my two cameras (one in hand and one on the shoulder), I spent most of my time filming and capturing the moments of partakers. By 10pm almost everyone was out of their heads. I had three bops and left. “Know when it’s time to leave. The longer you are there, the better chance you have to foul up.”

I went home sober 🙂

Have a ball at your Christmas party, everyone!

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