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Whether this topic interests you or not, I hope you take a few minutes to read it. It will somehow update your knowledge about this fatal pandemic.

World Aids Day

World Aids Day

Today in the class, we were assigned to translate a World AIDS Day 2008 Speech. “Why we are engaged in this kind of discussion. Don’t we suppose to review and train a bit for the exam or talk about Equality or Democracy?” Then suddenly, he started opening a pack of condom (dangling on the overhead projector), which was maybe shared out by World Health Organization (WHO) volunteers. He stirred the discussion by asking us why the condom was branded or named ‘JOHNNY’. Was/ Is it named after Johnny Depp, Johnny cash, or Johnny Knoxville? No need to elaborate our answers for these would just lead your thoughts away from what is considered good or normal. It is in actual fact the ‘Oh, the JOHNNY’ thing.

Anyway, here’s the English translation of the Speech:


Today is December 1st- World Aids Day. With this speech, I let the millions of people, who live with the biggest risk and have fewest rights, be heard.

In 2008, 2.5 million people got infected with HIV, and more than 2 million people died of AIDS; killed by double standards and ignorance.

If you have been infected with HIV or is living with AIDS, you are met with prejudice that hits as hard as the disease that has knocked you down.

In 2008, there are still countries where men, who love men, are thrown in jail by their fathers, because they bring shame to the family.

Where grandmothers can do nothing but hold hands and watch their children and grandchildren get infected with HIV and die of AIDS right before their very eyes.

Where prejudice and ignorance keep others at a distance for fear of being infected by a kiss.

When it comes to life- threatening diseases, we know that prevention is far better than cure. With HIV and AIDS, it is different.

Maybe it’s because people in general do not contract the disease? Maybe it’s because research in prevention receives no grants? Maybe it’s because it’s a disease that hits people at their weakest without making the headlines?

Today, 95% of the gay men in the world do not have access to knowledge on prevention. Young people who live in an HIV- exposed environment are not receiving information, only lectures on sexual abstinence. Millions of HIV- positive people are not receiving any treatment, because they are regarded as less than nothing. Meanwhile, the disease is spreading like wild fire.

Each time 2 persons receive medical treatment, 5 new get infected. And the number of infected persons is also increasing in Europe.

If this inhuman epidemic is to be stopped, we must first accept the conditions of the disease and start treating and preventing HIV and AIDS with the same willpower that we direct to most of the other life- threatening diseases.

That we spread the knowledge, take the risk seriously and not just show compassion at the outbreak of the disease.

Everyone has the right to protection and treatment, to not getting infected and to be taken seriously by politicians, religions and scientists.

It is not fair that people in 2008 are getting infected with and die of a disease that we can actually prevent.

Let us make the world see and understand that prevention always is the best cure. Also with HIV.




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