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People at work keep asking me why I don’t go to the canteen for lunch these days. Excuses like -I don’t have time- I lost track of the time so I forgot to eat- I have no appetite etc.- sound lame and inexcusable but I let myself off anyway from grabbing some grub. I am not on a diet; in fact, I love to eat. I am not trying to kill ‘me’ either. I am neither anorexic nor bulimic. And Mahatma Gandhi has nothing to do with this at all.

Lemmi tell you what has gotten into me. “I am on a fractional hunger strike: to stop the war between Israel and Gaza.” Yes, I am a hunger protester (but not unto death) until the war is over! But why fractional? I don’t miss my dinner:-). Hunger-striking for me is a way to connect physically with what I feel emotionally and what I know mentally. The slight damage that I’m doing to my body is nowhere near the devastation that people of Israel and Gaza have faced because of the bombings causing vast scale of death and destruction.

And how do I survive the ‘all- day- long’ work without breakfast and lunch? An apple or a carrot and water are enough to keep my brain ticking. Undertaking this blue out, unsponsored walkathon is a part of the protest. I’m not the walkingest person around but for a speck of world peace, I’d work at it. Venturing out into the sunny, but sub-zero Saturday afternoon was fun but not cool. As I endured the cold, my gloved hands were adventurously steady because they were frozenly dead. While walking, boy! I was shivering inside, “Now shall I still walk or shall I ride?” I opted to walk. Geezzz, the frozen north wind was stinging my skin. Every molecule of the airstream was like an acupuncture needle stabbed deep into my flesh penetrating into my joints and into the marrow of my bones. Yeah, outdoor walk seemed like a good idea, but not on winter days.

These insane ideas of strike popped up one day when I saw the videos of some students who were trying to get through to their families in Gaza. But whenever they got a chance to hook up, all they could hear was the deafening sound of bombs on the other line. Thanks to the internet! Their histrionic message- “Urgent humanitarian access for the people of Gaza”- was relayed to the world via www.

Today, after reading the headline news “Israel declares Gaza cease- fire”, I am breaking my fast as they halt the fire and I am out of the strike zone for now. Yipeee!

I don’t know if the things I’ve done are significant or trivial. But what I do know is that I didn’t do them for the sake of just doing them. My intention is anchored off the PEACE coast. Crazy, I think, I can do better than these.


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