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From the heart of the fountain of delight rises a jet of childishness...

I thought I have escaped the heat of Madrid… But coming to this fascinating country in Central Europe, the sun even welcomed me with its beaming heat that penetrated into my deep dermis giving me “sun-kissed” skin.

Curious enough, the tiring and troublesome flight-lag didn’t stop us from going and strolling around on the very first day to learn the mazes of this exquisite city. After 4 hours of getting lost under the sun, we spotted a square fountain. I eventually found myself playing with its water that jetted into the air for dramatic effect. It made me feel like a 3- year-old kid again and I ended up getting soaked. (Photo: Summer 2010 Memorabilia)


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I was rushing my butt to reach the bank nearby to make some transactions before the closing time. On the way, I saw a lady who fell off her bike in front of a hair salon. I stopped. I had two choices from that very moment:  to give her a hand or to ignore her and carry out my errand. I wanted to help but I was on the other side of the road. I didn’t mind crossing against the red lights, however the cars were on the go, it was rush hour. And if I had to rush I might have created another commotion aside from that lady’s snag accident. Besides, there was already this guy comforting her. That was her boyfriend I supposed, but the guy left her and he didn’t even help her to get off the ground.

Anyway, the lady tried to gather herself back onto the bike. When I got the chance to cut across the road while the cars were snailing down, I approached the lady at once and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her out. Tearfully she said she was fine. But later on she confessed that her genital zone was hurt. “Can you still ride?” I queried. “Yes I can but I think there is something wrong with my bike.” So I quick-examined the bike, moved it forward and back just to see if it was functioning very well. I twisted the front wheel and tried unraveling the brake cables. Eventually, I got her bike fixed and she made an effort to pedal on. Before she left, she spilled something to me “I had a bad day at work that’s why I left early… and then this bike mishap… It was a shitty day. Thanks for your help!”

I could have answered her “Well, shit happens sometimes, dear.” But I just simply said “No problem.” And off she went.

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To be or not to be (in Budapest)? The question could be asked if ever Shakespeare’s monument should be in Budapest to represent a cultural aspect of the city. The monument can be found by walking along the Danube bank on the Pest side. Why was it erected in the city? Does he have a bloodline with the Magyars still living in Budapest today? Or was it just arbitrarily erected due to Shakespearean influence to Magyars?

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